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Magnolia Metal & Plastic Products, Inc - DBA Magnoliascreencomp
Company information:

Magnolia Metal & Plastic Products, Inc - DBA Magnoliascreencomp 
247 Armory Drive Vicksburg, MS 39183 
Customer Service - 1-800-638-6912 
Fax - 601-636-2552 
email - 


Established in 1995, Magnolia Metal & Plastic Products, Inc. has evolved from a small, regionally focused company, to become a nationally recognized leader in the manufacturing of metal and plastic products. Magnolia Metal & Plastic Products, Inc. serves customers in the Fenestration, Cabinet, Furniture, and Concrete industries, and has a reputation for producing quality products, while maintaining competitive costs. Magnolia Metal & Plastic Products, Inc. is constantly striving to reach new heights with their Phenomenal levels of customer service and their integrity to perform well above standards. Magnolia Metal has what it takes to be your first choice in the industry. 



The growth and success of Magnolia Metal & Plastic Products can be attributed to many things, the most outstanding of which is our people. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing you, our Valued Customers, with the best service in the industry. I am very proud to have been able to put together a staff with the same commitment to our customers that our family based the company on. You have my word that this same commitment to service will continue to be the backbone of our company. We look forward to building new relationships and serving you in the future. 

Tony Malik